UEMS Fellowship Examination

FEBNM exam


The date for the next UEMS/EBNM Fellowship exam, MCQ online Spring Session, will be held on May 29th 8:00am CEST to May 30th 8:00am CEST.

Dates for the upcoming FEBNM exam:

2021   |   May 29 8:00am CEST - May 30 8:00am CEST  |  MCQ ONLINE   | 

Due to COVID-19, the oral exam of 2020 has been postponed to 2021. All applications for 2020 have been shifted to 2021.

Information and updates about the 2021 oral exam will be announced shortly.

2021   |   TBA   |   ORAL   |   TBA   |   AT  | 

To apply for the FEBNM MCQ Exam in May 2021 - click here--> [application form]


UEMS/EBNM is offering the written part of the exam (MCQ) online only.
Take the opportunity to do the MCQ of the
UEMS/EBNM Fellowship Examination from your place.

The next online exam in May 2021 will be open from 

May 29, 8am CEST


May 30 8:00 CEST

After applying for the exam and approval of your eligibility you will receive your log in data in the week before the exam. Within the above mentioned period you can log in to the test. Once logged in you have got 150 minutes for 140 type A questions to complete the exam. You will receive your result approximately a few days after submission of the test. When sucessful, you are invited to sit the oral exam. Of course you can do the oral exam also at any other exam da