UEMS/EBNM Committees

Aims of the Committee

  1. To implement the introduction of an accreditation system in Europe.
  2. To give assistance and help to all nuclear medicine departments in Europe which apply for an accreditation.
  3. To develop criteria for an accreditation for NM Departments and Training Centers granted by the UEMS/EBNM.
  4. To verify the compliance with these criteria for a nuclear medicine facility and to recommend or not the grant of an appropriate certificate by the UEMS/EBNM.
  5. To develop and maintain a database of all nuclear medicine departments in Europe, which have got an accreditation or have applied for it.
  6. To maintain a Quality Manual with respect to the ISO 9001:2008 standard as a basis to create a specific Quality Management for an individual nuclear medicine facility and provide interested facilities with the Quality Manual in electronic form.
  7. UEMS/EBNM ISO certification support software package (an update of the ISO software is in progress and available soon)
  8. To cooperate with other Committees and Task Groups of the EANM (www.eanm.org), the UEMS/EBNM (uems.eanm.org) and other outside organisations as well as to inform them about the activities of the Committee.