UEMS/EBNM Committees

Your benefits of an CME accreditation

UEMS/EBNM – EACCME Accreditation provides extra value for Nuclear Medicine Physicians and CME/CPD Organisers.

To start with, the mutual recognition of UEMS/EBNM -EACCME credits (e.g. ABNM and others) offers wider opportunities for recognition of knowledge and experiences. This means that Physicians from one Country can attend a CME programme in another, as credits will be automatically recognized by their NAA. Consequently, an international and intercontinental approach will enrich the CME event. More participants from other countries as well as the US are more likely to register.

Secondly, UEMS/EBNM – EACCME accredited CME programmes are carefully selected according to European quality standards for CME activities thus providing an educational programme of high-quality and high scientific value.
The UEMS/EBNM accredited CME activity through EACCME is distinguished from other potential educational activities by the fact that its quality has been confirmed by an unbiased and independent Board of Specialists widely recognized in the field of Nuclear Medicine. The EBNM-EACCME accreditation is a mark of distinction, attracting a greater number of participants from National and International Institutions. All UEMS/EBNM and EACCME accredited events are listed on the EACCME homepage, allowing Nuclear Medicine Specialists and NAAs to check which event has obtained European accreditation. As far as Organisers are concerned, the accreditation process is less resource-consuming and easier since there is no need to apply to each NAA to have an event recognized in every European Country. On the basis of UEMS-EACCME accreditation, the approval from the NAA of the country where the event takes place will be automatically recognized by all other European countries.

In conclusion, the UEMS EBNM-EACCME accreditation has indeed proven to be an optimal approach to allow European doctors to move across countries thanks to the easier transfer of CME credits and to the enhanced benefit gained from higher quality international CME/CPD activities.”