UEMS/EBNM Committees

Accreditation process

The nuclear medicine facility, which applies for an accreditation, should fill out the on-line application form to the UEMS/EBNM Secetariat.
Therefore please visit the section “Application”

A manual stating procedures in detail, application fees, benefits and more can be found at

UEMS/EBNM Accreditation Manual

The Committee can accept a quality system as valid, provided all items of the ISO 9001:2008 norm have been checked and validated by an external audit, or other external and/or internal Quality Audits according to national regulations.

  • Documentation of the professional qualifications of medical staff. This may be accompanied by a short curriculum vitae. The minimum requirement for small departments is at least one qualified nuclear medicine physician (full-time equivalent).
  • A list of services offered by the nuclear medicine facility and a list of available protocols adopted to supply these services. The centers should use the F-004A template (F-004 A Therapy & Procedure Guideline, F–004 A Examination Procedure Guideline) which could be downloaded or is also provided by ISO-9000 software online on the UEMS/EBNM website.
  • The protocols should describe how the procedure is actually performed in your department. They should comply with the current EANM or SNM guidelines as well as national regulations. If this is not the case then protocols should specify their origin. This should be accompanied by an indication of the total number of examinations performed in the last year and detailed protocols of the five most frequently performed in vivo examinations.
  • The Committee will evaluate the application file and select at random five further examinations which are offered by the facility and request the detailed protocols for these examinations in addition to the five most commonly performed.

There are three possible outcomes from the application file:

  • The Committee will recommend to the UEMS/EBNM Executive Committee that a nuclear medicine facility should receive accreditation and an appropriate certificate will be issued.
  • There are minor deficiencies and the Committee will return the necessary papers to be corrected.
  • There are major deficiencies in the application file, which will be conveyed to the applying nuclear medicine facility, and a full re-submission will be necessary after the major deficiencies have been corrected.

The Committee will not routinely undertake an accreditation or audit visit but retains the option to do so where the Committee thinks it is necessary.

The duration of the accreditation will be subject to continuing quality system certification.