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Training Requirements for the Specialty of Nuclear Medicine: European Standards of Postgraduate Medical Specialist Training

In 2005, the European Commission proposed to the European Parliament and Council to have a unique legal framework for the recognition of the Professional Qualifications to facilitate and improve the mobility of all workers throughout Europe. This Directive 2005/36/EC established the mechanism of automatic mutual recognition of qualifications for medical doctors according to training requirements within all Member States; this is based on the length of training in the Specialty and the title of qualifcations. Given the long-standing experience of UEMS Specialist Sections and European Boards,on the one hand and the European legal framework enabling Medical Specialists and Trainees to move from one country to another on the other hand, the UEMS is uniquely in position to provide specialty-based recommendations.

 The “European Training Requirements” document (ETR) aims to provide the basic Training Requirements for the specialty of Nuclear Medicine. The three-part structure of this document reflects the UEMS approach to have a coherent pragmatic document not only for medical specialists but also for decision-makers at the National and European level interested in knowing more about medical specialist training.

The ETR lists the content and duration of training in nuclear medicine and serves as a guide for national training programmes. It also represents the basic of the European fellowship exam and the standard for the accreditation of training centers. The task of this Committee is to update the ETR in order to reflect scientific and medical progress in the field of nuclear medicine. 

The most recent version was approved in April 2017 and is available below.

European Training Requirements


in 2016, the incumbent Presidents of the UEMS/EBNM and the EANM initiated a project to develop a comprehensive, yet concise, nuclear medicine practice guide.

Two years after its launch, the EANM UEMS/EBNM European Nuclear Medicine Guide has undergone an extensive revision and includes now some new chapters.

The European Nuclear Medicine Guide is a joint publication of UEMS/EBNM and the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM).

It offers an overview and description of a wide variety of nuclear medicine topics for professionals in the field, including:

  • nuclear medicine related basic science and technical procedures
  • in vivo imaging with radiopharmaceuticals
  • hybrid/multimodality imaging
  • radionuclide-guided surgery
  • dosimetry
  • radionuclide therapy
  • techniques related to nuclear physics in medicine
  • medical applications of radiobiolgy and radiation protection

The European UEMS/EBNM Training Requirements for the Specialty of Nuclear Medicine (ETRs updated in April 2017) serve as the backbone of this document, ensuring its high relevance.

Accessibility is key

Because we truly believe in sharing: the access to this European Nuclear Medicine Guide is free, for everyonewithout limitations. We promise. 

To fit to your personal needs, the Guide is available as browser-based online version and as app for your smart phone or tablet (iOs and Android).

Free online version

The most convenient way of browsing the content of the European Nuclear Medicine Guide on a larger screen, like on your computer, is the free online version.

Access the free online version here: Nuclear Medicine Guide