UEMS/EBNM Committees


In 1997 the Task Group on Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Facilities was established on behalf of the EANM and UEMS/EBNM to implement the introduction of an accreditation system in Europe. The approach that has been adopted and agreed by both EANM and UEMS/EBNM is intended to enhance the quality of nuclear medicine services within Europe and is based on three separate items:

  • A quality system which is externally verified
  • Qualified staffing
  • The use of accepted nuclear medicine protocols

The general philosophy adopted by the Task Group on Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine facilities has been to develop a minimum basis for accreditation. It is intended that accreditation will be a dynamic process capable of incorporating new features as these become available, with progressive harmonization of regulations and qualifications within Europe.

In 1998 the Group approached ARPES-EEIG for industrial input.

The first report was presented to the EANM Executive Committee and EANM delegates and to ARPES-EEIG in September 1998 at the EANM congress in Berlin. The proposals were supported by the three organisations and necessary funding was agreed for further development work.

The development of the Quality Manual was finished at the end of 1998.
During 1999 a pilot study to prepare a department for certification under ISO 9002/94 was undertaken in St. Etienne, France, under the direction of Dr. Eric Gremillet.

In 2000 a pilot study was started and continued in 2001 with the aim of preparing nine European departments for certification with respect to ISO 9001:2000. This study focussed on cardiovascular nuclear medicine.

Participants were:

  • I. Carrió, Barcelona, Spain
  • P. Franken, Brussels, Belgium
  • R. Giubbini, Brescia, Italy
  • E. Gremillet, St. Etienne, France
  • O. Lang, Prague, Czech Republic
  • J. Mueller, Basle, Switzerland
  • O. Schober, Muenster, Germany
  • M. Schwaiger, Munich, Germany
  • R. Underwood, United Kingdom

The Task Group became a permanent UEMS/EBNM Committee under the name of CANMD – Committee for Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Departments – in 2004.

Major achievements of the Committee

  • Publication of the downloadable tool for the ISO certification in 2006
  • Creation of the list of corresponding members
  • Cooperation with IAEA in the area of self-appraisal auditing in nuclear medicine
  • Cooperation with AIPES in the area of safety and security of isotope transportation
  • Cooperation with STUK regarding the creation of guidelines on clinical auditing
  • Member of the EU working party preparing “Radiation Protection Document 159”
  • Numerous publications on important topics for nuclear medicine (97/43/Euratom, Clinical Auditing, etc.) and organising lunch sessions at the EANM scientific congresses.
  • Accredited department satisfaction survey
  • Software users’ satisfaction survey
  • Accreditation of more than 60 nuclear medicine departments

In 2012 the executive committee of UEMS/EANM (President: D. Costa) decided to merge the two committees of “Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Departments” and “Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Training Centers” to one overall “Committee for Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Departments and Training Centers”.

Following working group was installed to plan the necessary adaptation for this project:

D. Costa (UEMS/EBNM President)

L. Maffioli (Chairman of the committee of Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Training Centers)

S. Mirzaei (Chairman of the committee of Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Departments)