UEMS/EBNM Committees

Aims of the Committee

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is essential for good medical practice and the delivery of high-quality care to patients. CME is an ethical and moral obligation for doctors, i.e. the specialist is obliged to continuously update and enhance her/his knowledge, skills and behaviour (UEMS Charter on CME of Medical Specialists 1994; UEMS document “Promoting Good Medical Care“, 2004).

Purpose and Mission

The UEMS/EBNM CME committee was established in 1999 as the scientific and technical body of the EBNM devoted to the evaluation and accreditation of CME activities, targeted at a European audience, in the field of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. The purpose of the UEMS/EBNM CME committee is to guarantee high-quality CME programmes, of scientific and educational excellence, which are free of influence from the healthcare industry. 
The roles of the committee include:

  1. Evaluation and accreditation of Nuclear Medicine CME activities in Europe
  2. Monitoring CME activities relating to Nuclear Medicine in Europe and, in agreement with the EACCME, ensuring full reciprocity of credits within the European Union.
  3. Assuring and guaranteeing the high quality of the scientific and educational content of CME in Nuclear Medicine.
  4. Ensuring, in compliance with EBNM/EACCME guidelines, the transparency and independence of CME activities.
  5. Facilitating and accrediting all types of CME modalities in Nuclear Medicine, and promoting the application of new CME technologies, e.g. internet, CD-ROMs, video.

The UEMS/EBNM CME Committee works in accordance with the European Accreditation Council for CME (EACCME) quality standard criteria. Activities approved by EACCME through the EBNM are eligible for recognition across Europe and in the USA.